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Our motto: We exist to celebrate food & all the flavors of life.


about us


I love connecting: 

On this platform, we help people's relationships with food. Food phobia's, disorders, and challenges come in many forms. We respect the web of interdependence and the responsibility to make space for other people to heal and nurture their relationship with food. We believe the best moments in life are delicious meals, fabulous drinks,  paired with laughter with beloved ones.

The goal is to grow a digitally compassionate group of foodies that gathers to consume  good food and stories trying to be mindfully conscious.  

Food is magic: 

You can probably find me sipping a Pina Colada (or for those of you that have been to Hawaii a Lava Flow) and eating my food so fast I get hiccups. 

(Gayer than the fourth of July) Expect rainbows and taste always. Honey, I've spent too much time in the closet for it to go to waste. Our content is about the real joys of life -sometimes salty, spicy, bittersweet. 

In fact I used to be afraid to eat alone.  Solomangarephobia is totally how this story started. Since 2016 it's been nothing but yum with people. We're just a brunch club joking about student loans and making food puns or quoting Ariana Grande and Parks and Rec. 

I'm gay: